10 Common Clues That Your Partner is Cheating

There are lots of different ways in which you can tell if your partner has been cheating on you. Below are ten of the most common signs of infidelity within a relationship. They are not a guarantee that you partner is cheating and you will need to find real evidence before you go and confront your partner.

1. The first sign a partner is playing away can be quite baffling. A cheating partner will often show more affection to you, want to make love more often and even start being nice to you. This is usually a sign of feeling guilty. Your partner may have a guilty conscious and in order to make them selves feel better, they are kinder to you and more affectionate.

2. Your partner no longer shares with you his thoughts on the day, or has less time to talk, they seem closed and distanced from you.

3. Your partner has taken an increased interest in their appearance. Whether it is a new hair style or fashion style, a revamp can often mean that they are trying to impress someone.

4. Your partner may take up new hobbies or classes that they have never shown an interest in before.

5. Your partner suddenly becomes very much in demand at work, ie having to work longer hours, business meetings in the evening business travel. These are ways in which your partner can create time to be with their new lover.

6. If your partner is on the computer when you enter the room, does the screen or program suddenly change? If so they could be hiding something from you.

7. Check your partners CD collection, at home or in the car. Are there any new music types that they haven't been interested in before or anything that could be out of character? Sometimes we become influenced by hose close to us and if your partner has a new lover they may be enjoying some new music.

8. Increased Cell Phone activity is another sign of a cheating partner. Does your partner always seem to be checking their phone for new messages, do they walk out of the room the moment there is a call? When they are on the phone, do they talk quickly and quietly? These could also be signs of a cheating partner.

9. If your partner has begun hiding financial paperwork such as bank statements or mobile contract bills, they may be trying to conceal an affair.

10. Last but not least, does your partner become argumentative over the smallest thing? Trying to start arguments over nothing is a sign of a cheating partner. They are trying to create a reason for leaving or an excuse to enable them to have the affair.

Remember these are not going to guarantee that your partner is having an affair, but if more than one of these things seems to be happening quite frequently, chances are, it won't be long until you find out for sure.

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