Foods That Make Your Breasts Bigger

Getting bigger breasts is a wish that millions of women have throughout the World, but there has only been one reliable way to make your breasts bigger until now – and that was with risky plastic surgery. However, I’ve been investigating how to naturally get bigger breasts and have found an array of foods that will make your your bosoms grow!

The problem of small breasts is actually very simple to fix. You see, to get round this problem, I just looked at the cause of it all. Small breasts are caused by a lack of the hormone “Estrogen” in your body. Amongst other things, Estrogen is the main driving force for our womanly features, giving us our breasts, curves and menstrual cycle.

Estrogen is a very powerful substance which affects our bodies in major ways. During puberty, it’s released in large amounts in order to turn us from girls into women. From the ages of 12-16, our bodies are constantly maintaining a high level of Estrogen which boosts our breast growth and transforms our bodies into those of fully grown women. During this time, the breasts will grow naturally until the supply of Estrogen runs out at the end of Puberty.

This means that if your breasts do not grow the way they were meant during puberty, they will remain small and under-developed for the rest of your life. I had this problem myself, and spent a long time trying to find the solution when I discovered that Estrogen is a naturally occurring substance, which we can get from the likes of plants and herbs. This “wild” form of Estrogen is known as “phyto-estrogen” (literally translated as “plant-estrogen”) and can make your breasts grow by 1-2 cup sizes if you eat enough of it.

This phyto-estrogen is available from a range of different plants and herbs… but here are some of the most potent ones:

  1. Flax Seeds
  2. Soy Beans
  3. Tofu
  4. Soy Yogurt
  5. Sesame Seeds
  6. Hummus

These are some of the most Estrogen-rich foods we know about, meaning that if you eat a certain level of these foods each day, you can actually make your breasts grow naturally even if you’re a fully grown adult. However, it’s important that you eat the right amount of these foods, because too much of them can have unwanted side-effects on your body.

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